dimanche 17 juillet 2011

Fashions on holidays

Fashion is a very wide area of language; 

with himself as well as with the others;

And as the one’s mind surely changes throughout the days and the years; 

it happens that people feel that they need to change their look; 

their wearing-style, their hairstyle…

but also, 

they are not sure that the change will be better than the style they had before; 

so they try the new styles in holidays;

They do it on holidays for experience, 

because they would like to have more chance to not disappoint their circle;

 and to succeed their change;

Fashion is not just an appearance; 

it reflects the one’s character, and gives his personality a public image; 

a personal baranding

that is why some proverb says; 

eat as you like, but dress-up as the society likes…



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